Zoivane Men is a natural skincare brand for men. It is derived from an Italian word ‘Giovane’ which means young, youthful men. The definition of this word aligns well with the vision of the brand that wants to make products for men to look young and youthful. They are always bringing something new to offer with their products with face care, foot care & lip care. Their skincare range is enriched with high-quality essential oils which not only does its work but also gives the aromatherapy effect.

Zoivane men stand for the fact that looking good is not about self-importance but self-respect.


Eatryt primary concern is to maintain and improve the quality of the products and services it offers. Our number one priority is to offer fresh, high-quality products!

To ensure that we always offer the highest level of quality, the company has embarked on a number of continuing improvement procedures and is quality-certified by several official bodies.


  • You can be sure that you will get the best quality level of fresh produce in the city.
  • All fresh produce retailed at our stores are procured on a daily basis, old produce are discarded on the same day.
  • We only deal with suppliers and vendors who trade ethically. We do not deal with the grey market or with vendors who have a reputation to deal in products by abusing and altering sell by dates. In the unlikely event that any of our suppliers is caught tampering with sell by dates, we penalize them appropriately and their supply contracts to our stores are terminated.
  • All our store representatives compulsorily wear hand gloves and hairnet while preparing food. The store and all fixtures are sanitized at regular intervals. Food storage and display areas are cleaned with food grade cleaners as per prefixed schedules.